My name is Sébastien Bini and I am 20 years old and French. I'm currently a student in an engineering school (Ecole Centrale de Lille). Computer Science and especially algorithmic passionate me. I am a C++ programmer, and have developed several programs on my own.

In this blog I share the programs I have designed so far, and explain how they work, when their inner algorithms are complex.

I have learned programing since I was 14. I have learned myself, by reading books and internet websites. Programing has always been since my favorite extracurricular activity.

As I have programmed since I’m young, most programs in this blog are still in French (they are under translation), and fit teenage people hobbies: my programs are mostly related to videogames and even TV shows.

My IT projects

You can see here my IT projects. This list is not exhaustive: only the most advanced are shown.

Game Character Hub - helper program for game design (RPG Maker XP/VX and more)
Bombs - a strategic bomberman-like videogame
Subtitles Synchronizer - synchronize subtitle file on a video
Sudoku Solver - solve every 9x9 sudoku immediately
Clock - both a usual clock and a task scheduler

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